Strike a Pose!

In the above image (Digital Information World 2013) you can see the selfie phenomenon begins with a snap of smartphone.

In the above image (Digital Information World 2013) you can see the selfie phenomenon begins with the snap of smartphone camera.

Since Oxford English Dictionary awarded the word “Selfie” 2013’s Word of the Year, the selfie phenomenon has spiraled out of control. In 2014, there was a selfie explosion with more than 93 million selfies taken per day (Brandt 2014). We’re all selfie-obsessed!

Fueling this selfie culture is social media, it’s our choice whether we want our selfie upload to be a real representation of who we are or what we want others to see us as. Ultimately “Add in a dash of narcissism and a sprinkle of identity crisis, and you’ve got yourself a new and powerful trend,” (Hill 2014).

Is taking a selfie harmless fun or a dangerous sign of an increasing narcissistic society? The selfie craze has captured the hearts of everyone, especially the selfie queen Kim Kardashian. Her ultra-sexy glam selfie uploads are known for breaking the internet. Obviously, one selfie upload per day isn’t satisfying enough for the curvaceous beauty, in April she will be releasing a 352-page selfie book featuring 1,200 selfies called “Selfish”. A couple of harmless selfies can turn into an unhealthy self-obsession. Where does it end?

In the above image (The Huffington Post 2014) Kim Kardashian strikes a sultry selfie pose.

In the above image (The Huffington Post 2014) Kim Kardashian strikes a sultry selfie pose.

According to Ziegler (2014), “Selfies are not a fad but actually part of our future… In fact, they’re going to morph and change as part of a rich and dynamic media.”

Picture selfies were so 2014, the second generation of selfies has begun. Introducing the video selfie, a dream come true for a self-indulgent person. Can’t decide whether to pout or smile for your selfie, don’t worry in a video selfie you have enough time to show all of your 21 different facial expressions.

Beats by Dre has reinvented the selfie taking it to a whole new level to promote their new Solo2 headphones. The #SoloSelfie campaign is “a new movement of self-expression” inviting people to take a selfie video of them wearing the colorful headphones and then upload it to a social media platform with the hashtag #SoloSelfie.

The campaign video below shows a mash up of celebrity Solo Selfies and has 17 million views on YouTube.

We should focus on the positives of uploading photo selfies and video selfies as a way of self-expression. Most importantly, a selfie reflects our own self-acceptance. Be proud of who you are and what you look like in your selfie upload. We are who we are and we should not alter our selfie for anyone.


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By Bianca Tasevski Posted in BCM310

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