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Source: Daily Mail Australia 2013

Source: Daily Mail Australia 2013

Audience measurement benefits advertisers and marketing agencies looking to attract new customers and existing consumers. Audience research is divided into different media markets such as television viewership, radio listenership and print readership. Television Audience Measurement (TAM) is a dominate media research analysis, it provides quantitative and qualitative information about television audiences. The Nielsen Company strives to establish a recognised global standard for TAM operations as more advertising agencies expand internationally, they need to understand how to target multinational Television audience information.

In Australia the official television audience measurement is OzTAM, covering free-to-air and subscription TV in Australia’s five mainland metropolitan markets. OzTAM provides the media industry with accurate data on the performance of television programs and networks. The independent company assists advertisers to understand viewer behaviour and characteristics, supporting the development and planning of advertisements.

According to OzTAM records, the 100th State of Origin Game was the most-watched TV event of the year so far. More than 2.7 million people watched Game Two, The Blues 12 to 8 win over the Maroons at Suncorp Stadium. It gave the Nine network a record ratings win and it’s the biggest audience for the game since OzTAM began in 2001. Sydney had a whopping 1.2 million viewers, closely followed by Queensland with 857,000 viewers.

Source: Turner, 2014

Source: Turner, 2014

The next hottest most-watched non-sport event of the night was Ten’s MasterChef with 859,000 viewers, followed by Home And Away with 850,000 and Ten’s drama Offspring with an audience of 823,000.

Every year NRL’s State of Origin series dominates free-to-air TV, previously the biggest State of Origin audience had been Game Three in 2012 with 2.62 million, not far behind was this year’s Game One with 2.6 million. On social media, more than 8 million unique visitors checked out the official NRL, QLD and NSW Facebook pages for State of Origin Two.

The highly anticipated State of Origin clash gave advertisers the popularity boost they needed. Both XXXX and VB launched their advertising campaigns in the hope to increase sales. To mark XXXX’s 24th year of sponsorship of the Queensland State of Origin team, ‘The King’ of Queensland Wally Lewis appears on cartons, cans and bottles of XXXX special edition beer ranges.

Source: Below and Beyond, 2014

Source: Below and Beyond, 2014

Sponsor rival Victoria Bitter (VB) launched the ‘Name in the Game’ campaign, at all three State of Origin games, VB replaced the word ‘VICTORIA BITTER’ on the front of the NSW jersey with the names of 46 Blues fans. The increased TV ratings throughout the State of Origin series gave both XXXX and VB a financial boost.

The goal of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is to achieve transparency in audience data collection and to revise out-of-date methodologies. The IAB is responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States. The IAB audience research management guidelines provides information on the appropriate controls related to Internet-based content and advertising. All audience measurement reports have the potential to impact marketing and decision-making practice. Therefore, IAB believes all companies involved in audience measurement should be audited to eliminate measurement discrepancies and to find solutions to the problems.

When audience measurement is conducted in an ethical manner, the ratings are an important tool used by advertisers in the aim to target a specific audience. As seen in the State of Origin campaign 2014, the ratings not only assisted both VB and XXXX advertisements. The high ratings allowed NRL executives to find solutions on how to increase viewership on Telstra Premiership matches. Do we all benefit? The advertisers indeed win financially and the viewers are bombarded by attention-grabbing advertisements.


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