Started From the Bottom Now We Here

Here we are BCM111. Over the semester I have been informed on new concepts and have developed a better understanding on various issues. Their were three topics in particular that altered my opinion which were globalisation, international education and climate change.

The concept ‘globalisation’ is responsible for uniting world communities. However I have learnt that globalisation has a dark side, it diminishes cultural diversity. I believe globalisation shows no sign of slowing down. Globalisation of communication provides people to feel a sense of community although they may live in opposite parts of the globe. Marshall McLuhan’s term ‘the global village’ provides individuals the opportunity to express and share information on the internet. As a result, online diverse communities feel a sense of empowerment with the imaginative thought of disappearing borders. On the other hand, globalisation could lead to homogenisation and contribute to the destruction of cultural diversity.

I viewed Australia has a multicultural nation, accepting different nationalities and religion. However, I had to think again, are we? Australia is parochial, individuals in society restrict themselves from getting to understand international students. The highly publicized violent attacks on Indian students in 2009-10, portrayed the Australia culture as ethnocentric. International students contribute significantly to Australian society; there presents heavily impacts the strength of the Australian economy. In order to achieve harmony in Australia, we must engage in cosmopolitanism. Instead of being hesitant to overcome our differences we must accept and value that the world is filled with diversity.

I believe majority of people are uninterested in the issue of climate change because it won’t affect them in their lifetime. However, climate change is having a dramatic impact on the pacific small island states. Unfortunately the inhabitants of Kiribati have become vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, with rising sea levels destroying their houses and there way of life. The media should stop presenting false balance about climate change and society should limit their negative contribution to climate change. Australia is not invincible sooner or later we too will be feeling the negative effects.

By Bianca Tasevski Posted in BCM111

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