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Source: Lambert Planet

Source: Lambert Planet

Let the day begin. Breakfast with i98fm. Lunch with The Illawarra Mercury. Dinner with The Project. Oh how can I forget those late afternoon snack breaks with Facebook. I am oblivious to the variety of news sources that I read, watch and listen to. News organisations trigger me to form a perception about the people involved in the news story. Thus, news sources have the ability to reshape my opinion. It’s made me question if news sources present the audience with ‘the truth’ or a ‘packaged story’.

Breaking news keeps us up-to-date with information regarding local, national and international events. The news is the result of a series of selections, framing is a strategy used to select and exclude information to suit the news organisations best approach of presenting the news story. It is important that we evaluate news sources for:
-Variety of views
-Cultural bias
-Story structure
-Backgrounds of interviewees
-Gender, ethnicity and organisation positioning of the reporter.

A news story must contain one of the following aspects for it to been seen as holding news value e.g. cultural proximity, relevance, rarity, continuity, elite reference, negativity, composition and personalization.

In 2011, the events of the Arab Spring attracted worldwide attention with ‘a jump of more than a third in coverage in international news,’ with ‘Middle East unrest’ filling 12 per cent of what they term the newshole” (Lee-Wright, 2012 p. 6). A variety of networks such as NBC and CBS broke 20 year records with the amount of international news they presented. However, the Arab Spring anniversaries was not seen as worthy to appear as a breaking news story on top news programs (Lee-Wright, 2012).

The media industry is dominated by males who embrace authority, while female journalists pursue to crack the Perspex ceiling. Majority of the news we read, watch and listen to is produced by male journalists. In the above videoUS television royalty Barbara Walters reveals how woman presenting the news were not taken serious. However, she indicates woman are just as capable of presenting the news as men. I believe female journalist will strive to break the Perspex ceiling because their determination and motivation is the key to success.

Source: Alice Arnold

Source: Alice Arnold

Lee-Wright, P 2012, ‘News Values: An Assessment of News Priorities Through a Comparative Analysis of Arab Spring Anniversary Coverage’ JOMEC Journal: Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

By Bianca Tasevski Posted in BCM111

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