The Power is in your Hands

Over the last 10 weeks of studying Convergent Media Practices subject, there were 3 distinctive blog posts in particular that contributed to my understanding of the subject. The ability to understand the changing role of the audience, the rise of citizen journalists and the use of social networking sites allowed me to gain useful knowledge on the concept ‘convergence’. We have the power to influence the world.

In the process of writing my blog post in week 5 ‘Do you want to be heard?’ it was brought to my attention that due to rate of convergence moving rapidly, there are new opportunitiess for audiences to engage with content and participate with media platforms. I’ve learnt that the traditional passive consumer is evolving into an active consumer, producing and distributing its own content. The key concept that was used throughout my post was citizen journalism; we are no longer just the audience. I’ve learnt that if the audience does not get given the information, they will go ahead and produce it themselves. I believe the rise of the participatory culture has been encouraged by social networking sites; it has allowed active consumers to aggregate knowledge. Therefore, I believe the internet is largely responsible for the changing role of the audience.

It was brought to my attention in week 6, that mainstream news media is on the verge of collapsing due to the rise of citizen journalism. My blog post ‘Welcome, to the New Land of Citizen Journalism’ emphasised the ways in which citizen journalism poses a major impact on the future the news media. I’ve learnt citizen journalists essentially have nothing to lose because the internet has no cost of entry, no gatekeepers and no up-front risks. On the other hand, every aspect of mainstream journalism is in crisis because the internet is an uncontrollable powerful medium. I believe the internet has enabled citizen journalist to bring hidden news to life, via producing and sharing content on social networking such as Facebook which thrives on ‘citizen journalism’. Clearly, the power is in our hands.

My week 9 blog post, “Youth + Social Media = Future” I’ve learnt that the emergence of young activists is on the rise; they are becoming active citizens. I believe in today’s society the youth are passionate about various global political, economic and social issues. Young activists are addressing these issues via using the power of social media to change the world. I believe social media platforms are playing are significant role in the success of youth political campaigns. Therefore, social media platforms are an important ‘political educational tool’. As long as the internet is around, the power is in our hands.

Source: Thinkandbeinspired

Source: Thinkandbeinspired

By Bianca Tasevski Posted in BCM112

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