Where do I begin?

Source: Oscar Wilde

Source: Oscar Wilde

Over the last 6 weeks of studying the Introduction to Communication and Media Studies subject I have come away with so much more knowledge and understanding. I began this degree with a general idea about the term ‘media’ and its effects on the audience. Fast forward 6 weeks and I am now a walking encyclopedia book filled with media knowledge. But how was I to know the amount of information I was yet to discover. I strongly believe Oscar wilds wise words “You can never be overdressed or overeducated” perfectly describes my outlook on this degree. You can never know everything but you can always know something.

Attending lectures, tutorials and completing assigned readings made me more aware of the roles of the media in society. I would have never considered to question what was wrong with the ‘media effects’ model. In doing so I became more mindful that not entirely what is depicted on Television programs will motivate us to commit those types of behavior.

Before I began on this adventure, I usually would skip the pages of advertisements in magazines. But thanks to semiotics I will never look at an advertisement in the same way again. Now I’m constantly trying to find the signifier, signified and the connotations of the Ad.

It was also brought to my attention that it so important to know who controls the media and why it matters. Honestly, I don’t want one media mogul to control all media platforms. This would result in us only knowing one opinion and will negativity limit the amount of voices in our society.

Reading other students blogs and gathering my own research, I’ve come to realise that so many TV shows have raised various important issues in the mediated public sphere. From the sexualisation of young girls on “Toddlers and Tiaras” to the political protests on “Big Brother”. The mediated public sphere enables us to freely exchange ideas and information.

My interpretations on the topic of surveillance have been taken to a whole new level. I had never gave much thought that every move I made on campus is on surveillance by 450 different cameras. CCTV footage is used in society to influence the individual to believe it will reduce the public’s fear of crime. But with the increase in government installations of CCTV, will it succeed in preventing crimes?

Overall, Communication and Media Studies has largely influenced and altered my perceptions that the media plays a vital role in society. Yesterday was history, and tomorrow BCM110 studies will provide me new ways to unlock new mysteries.

By Bianca Tasevski Posted in BCM110

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